The Moors

So what is, and WHO were the Moors? If you look up the definition in the Oxford dictionary you will see that Moor is defined as “a native of Mauritania, later of north west Africa like Morocco (compare with blackamoor),” keep going and it says “Mohammedan especially from India,” that's from the 16th-century or the 1500s. If you keep going back to the middle English the word is spelled More and that's taken from the old French which is spelled More, a word we use a hundred times a day and we have no idea where it comes from.

Eventually we get all the way back to the Greek Mauros which means dark or burnt which goes to why the land is called Mauri-tania the dark land or land of dark people! The word Moor originally comes from the ancient words for Africa, Merou & Tamurre among a few others, meaning the dark land, just as the ancient name for Egypt is actually Khemet which also means the dark land; called so because of the rich fertile soil that surrounded the area in those times, produced by the flowing waters of the Nile, which also is why dark marsh/swamp land is called Moorland or the Moors as in the Disney character Maleficent Queen of the moors. 

Now let’s break down this character Maleficent for a second; The etymology of maleficent means to do ill. The word ill, does not mean sick like most people think, however it means to do evil, or to be wicked, now this is where it gets really dope; evil ONLY means to be uppity, or a more familiar word or term for most of you would be stuck up or bougie. The word wicked goes back to Wicca which means male wizard, and wizard just means wise man or philosopher, or someone who loves and uses knowledge. In ancient times as in many places today, it was customary for the uneducated or unlearned to look upon those who had knowledge and information as being stuck up, bougie or hence, evil! 

Also another definition for the word Moor is to tie off a ship or boat to land. This definition ultimately goes back to the Phoenician Empire, which was the GREATEST maritime naval empire in history, and the very first to map the seas of the world! 

Moor History For Dummies