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What is and who are Reel Nagas? REEL = (A round or spherical object that things revolve around, such as the Sun. Also meaning to sway, swing or influence) NAGAS = (Sanskrit: serpent god or deity usually in the form of a cobra representing higher knowledge, enlightenment and wisdom). So Reel Nagas is and aims to be a Sun or Beacon for hidden knowledge wisdom and Overstanding!

Reel Naga’s Mission is to shine light on the Lost knowledge of melanated people and the world as a whole! It is through this loss and miss use of knowledge that the world has fallen to the lowest physical and spiritual vibration ever known! Melanated people are in their own dark ages as once the European Caucasian was until the Moor reeducated them and initiated the Renaissance. It is now time for the Melanin people of this planet to have their own renaissance, for only through the re-introduction and proper use of our lost knowledge can the world heal and evolve to it’s highest vibration ever!

Join the movement to reeducate the mothers and fathers of this planet so that we may pass on this information and civilize the world as we once did in our golden age!

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