Phoenix Moors

The Phoenix Moors

So, who Really were these people called Phoenicians? The ancient Phoenicians were Moors, or a majority of highly Melanated or dark skinned people, and a mixture of some less melanated people, whose empire spans from about 1500 BC to 300 BC. This former world superpowers Origin began in ancient Canaan or in what is now known as Lebanon.
They were the greatest maritime nation in history and mapped the seas of the world. They created the first alphabet, or a way to use symbols and tones to communicate, something known today as phonetics - being that it cones from the Phoenicians, it’s also where you get the word telephone, a DEVICE used to communicate, from Telephassa Or Teleph, wife to the King of Phoen-icia or Phone-icia!
The Phoenicians also created city states, aka nation states, or every modern Republic government in the world today. They established many colonies throughout the Mediterranean such as..
Carthage – modern day Tunisia
Malta, etc.…
With all of these colonies being run as city-states or sovereign autonomous governments, long before the so-called establishment of the Roman Republic. These colonies would eventually be re-established as nations or countries by later Moorish/Ottoman empires. 
The Canaanite Phoenicians were like the FedEx of ancient world, they transported the trade goods of every city or nation in the Mediterranean and beyond, especially their own goods, as well as the so-called Khemetans aka the Egyptians. They were masters of navigation and astronomy, So much so that the north star was called the Phoenician star up until the early 1900s.
They were skilled diplomats and politicians, and had alliances with every city or nation in the mediterranean, even those at war with each other because of their ability to transport goods on the sea. But even more than this, they were masters of knowledge, Drawing upon the initiated mystery school physical and spiritual sciences passed down and shared from the ancient Sumerians/Babylonians and Egyptians such as… astronomy, navigation of the stars, chemistry, mathematics, geometry, astrology, medicine, Philosophy, architecture, agriculture, the manipulation of energy and vibration, which most of us know as physics, Even theater, all started with the ancient melanated civilizations of Sumer, Khemet, and Phoenicia.
BUT, It is to THIS very civilization, the ancient Canaanite Phoenician Moors, a majority of highly intelligent, spiritual Sun kissed people, that we owe most of our first myths and legends of the Phoenix to. As well as to the history of melanated empires around the world Rising, lasting for a period of 500 to 1500 years, then falling, only to be re-born again. 
In Greek mythology, Phoenicia, a name created by the Greeks, comes from a man named Phoenix, the son of the King of Tyre, the capital city of Phoenicia. Not only that, in the Iliad which is written by Homer, and what most scholars take as based on actual history, Europa, which is where Europe get its very name, is the daughter of Phoenix, so she too is a Phoenician Canaanite and the entire continent of Europe named after her. 
In fact, in order to be considered Royalty in Europe, you have to be descended from the Canaanite Phoenician Moors or the Moorish bloodline in general... No Exceptions!! 
See Nature Knows No Color Line.. J.A. Rodgers.
The Phoenicians were a Highly Advanced maritime trading empire, whose use of esoteric knowledge, trade and diplomacy made them one of if not the greatest civilization in the ancient world. They used their knowledge to help grow and the advance the world, creating relationships and alliances with diverse cultures and governments to help facilitate trade and the sharing of information. 
It is no wonder that this benevolent and magnificent bird called the Phoenix is attributed with such magical and mythical powers, being that it’s symbolic origin can be traced all the way back to this glorious empire of Noble Canaanite Phoenician Moors OR who we more Powerfully know as…